The Composting Toilet Has Arrived! A Tiny House Update

After some deliberation, we decided to buy a composting toilet (the borough wasn’t too thrilled with our initial bucket plan, unsurprisingly). We went with this beauty from Nature’s Head; it’s good for about 90 uses before needing to be emptied, and diverts urine into a separate tank. We’ll keep you posted on how the installation goes.


In other news, it’s (sort of) winter, and we’re till plugging along on the tiny house! Sebastian and I finished the bathroom floor the other day using some bamboo flooring leftover from our house.


I cut the boards, and Seb nailed them in. 




(Early twenties existential crises channelled into flooring)

We give many thanks to Tommy Pinto and crew of Thomas Aquinas Painting who donated time and materials to paint our tiny house – it looks beautiful! Here’s to good community vibes 🙂



Sebastian and Tim cut a rectangle out of the loft where we will be installing a skylight so that we can get some more natural light into the kitchen.



All of that pesky wiring is almost done! Many thanks to Dave Augustine the electrician who mentored Claudia, and who will be finishing the job for us soon! (and making sure we don’t burn the house down).


Lastly, we’ve begun the long process of putting the walls up. For the time being we’re using 1×6, tongue-in-groove pine boards, though we may switch to a different material partway up the wall. We shall see.


The pine boards are on the left. You can also see the bamboo-covered wheel wells in this picture, a collaborative effort between me, Mike McGrory, and Jo Ramirez. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful solstice!

Until next time,




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