Crunch Time is Upon Us – A Tiny House Update

After three weeks gallivanting around Argentina visiting family, my brother and I have returned, and work on the tiny house is in full swing. The tiny house has to be ready to head over to the Convention Center by the end of February in order to take part in Michael Petrie’s exhibit at the Flower Show, and there’s still plenty to be done.


My brother and I at Villa Llanquin near Bariloche, Argentina

While we were gone, our intrepid parents got a good deal done, including most of the interior walls, ceilings, and window trims.


(There’s no light from the skylight in this picture because the roof is covered with snow). 

They also acquired kitchen cabinets from ANC Cabinets, semi-donated (they were ordered for another project, but ended up being the wrong color). Luckily for us, these cabinets are 21′ deep, rather than the normal 24′, as they were originally meant for a bathroom.




Our on-demand water heater has also arrived! It will be connected to our 42-gallon water tank (which will be residing under the sink) via a water pump. The benefit of the on-demand heater is that we won’t be wasting energy heating water all day long (which is the way that most house systems function currently).

Here’s a diagram from the blog Tiny House, Giant Journey that illustrates how our plumbing system is going to work more or less:


We also bought a water hatch, so we’ll be able to fill our water tank from the outside (average water use per day per person in the U.S. is between 80-100 gallons. The majority of that water use comes from flushing the toilet, but although we have a dry toilet, we’ll still probably need to fill our water tank at least once a day).


The Valterra A01-2004VP


Also, Joel Smith of Boedco made a porch for us! Now we don’t have to use a ladder to get in and out.



And that’s where we’re at so far! Now to install all this stuff….and to find a stovetop….

Until next time!