Tiny House Amidst the Pines

Last week, we cleared the tiny house out (it’s been full of tools, scrap wood, ladders, etc. since we started working on the interior), hitched it to Tad’s truck, and followed it into the city for its second trip on the road. During its last trip on the road, our tiny house was a green shell, but now it’s looking like an actual (tiny) house. But there was one thing that didn’t change; it got plenty of stares.


There are three days until the Flower Show opens on March 5, so this morning we headed in to see how things are going, and to clean up a little bit.


Things are in full swing at the Convention Center! (I almost got hit by a speeding forklift). Michael Petrie had dozens of eager volunteers working on the exhibit, shoveling dirt, planting shrubs. And amidst it all, our tiny house. I’ve got to say, surrounded by pine trees, the tiny house looks right at home.IMG_0868.jpg


Though still without furniture, the inside is feeling nice and homey. Our counters, cooktop, and sink have all been installed, and all of the walls have been finished except for a tiny portion above the front door which, thankfully, is not visible from the outside.



Hope to see you at the Flower Show!



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