About the Team

Claudia Cueto


Claudia Cueto holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She and her husband are partners at their firm, CuetoKEARNEYdesign (CKd). Her daughter introduced her to permaculture, and now she’s got the bug. She is currently taking an Urban Permaculture Design Course in Philadelphia, which is opening her eyes to what it means to live intentionally. CKd is designing and building the tiny house as a way of exploring how we live, where we live, and what our human needs really are. Our hope is that this tiny house will be the first step in creating a community that lives with nature rather than against it.

 541808_515765045111764_1505190820_n    Tim Kearney

In no particular order, Tim is an architect, university professor, father, husband, ukelele player, soccer nut, and mayor of his small Pennsylvania college town of Swarthmore. He has spent the better part of his life thinking about community in all its myriad aspects. Architecture is about the manifestation of ideals, and he sees the tiny house project as a way of advancing theoretical ideas that he has explored with his students in the co-housing studio at Drexel University. Recently introduced to permaculture by close family members, Tim is fascinated by the inherent commonality found across the diverse systems necessary for such a project. Permaculture thinking provides a new framework for a continuing exploration of the questions that Tim has been pondering in each of his roles described above.

Lucia Kearney


Lucia graduated from Haverford College with a degree in Existential Crises (i.e., English), and promptly took off traveling. While on her travels, she stumbled into a wonderful place called Finca Fruición, where she fell in love with permaculture, salads, and the occasional drum circle. She is currently apprenticing at Willow Haven Farm, a small, organic, family farm in New Tripoli, PA, where she is learning like crazy. She digs being directly involved with the process of living, and hopes to soon be a part of a thriving, permaculture community. In this project, she will be the guinea pig; once the house is built, it will be driven up to the farm, where she will live in it for the rest of the season and hopefully beyond!


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