May 2015

Blooming Soon

June 2015

Where We’re at so Far or Holy Shit, the Trailer is Arriving Tomorrow…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, the Trailer has Arrived!!

July 2015

Heating and Cooling Systems

Ten Reasons to Go Tiny (in no particular order)

August 2015

Poop is Pure Poetry

We’ve Started Construction!

Dream Big, Build Tiny

Framing and Sheathing – A Note from the Architects

The Tiny House is Green!

September 2015

Dreams on the Road

November 2015

A Tiny House Update

Thoughts on Regenerative Enterprise

December 2015

Our Tiny House Manifesto

The Composting Toilet Has Arrived! A Tiny House Update

January 2016

Crunch Time is Upon Us – A Tiny House Update

February 2016

Water is the Essence of Life and We’ve Got Plumbing


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